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About Gangster

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“Gangster” This isn’t a company it’s a story, a story of two men’s journey over 24 years as best friends with stories that could fill the pages of a best seller. Chris Crane and Jeff Loomis embarked into the electronics world many years ago, in 2014 the Name Gangster was established and Trademarked in 2015, Gangster holds a whole different meaning to us then most might think. Gangster is what we had to be in a mind sense to overcome the obstacles along the 24 years we knew each other, we had to be Gangster smart, Gangster tough, and with it all Gangster fun! Now we have Gangster Audio and are taking everything we learned over the years and applying it to everyday electronics to make them stronger, exiting, and affordable. 


Here at Gangster we produce not only advanced audio and digital products we produce TOUGH, meaning Gangster tough products, we back every product with our signature warranty and produce them with nothing but quality strong materials. From our cables ot our headphones they are built to withstand your daily lifestyle. Test out any one of our products and see for yourself why you will be 100% satisfied with your “Gangster” product! Our products are made to last day after day and we stand behind them like none other. Every one of our products comes with our hassle free replacement warranty, if it breaks we fix it or replace it period!

GANGSTER, its a culture

The Gangster line of products is not just another electronics company, there is a real story behind every part of this company. There is Heart, Soul, and Belief, that is what makes us “Gangster”. To our late Friend and CEO Jeffrey L Loomis who departed this world in the middle of the gangster build up and dream, we have dedicated Gangster to the Kids, by making this company for the Kids Jeffrey left behind and many others through our Gangster out reach program educating children on dreams do come true by making them so! Join our culture, sign up for our newsletter and spread the word about some great products!

GANGSTER, Our mission

The mission of Gangster LLC is to build not only quality affordable products, but to develop over the coming years advanced audio that can withstand your everyday lifestyle. We are incorporating new materials and designs to make our products more rugged and also keeping the cost factor down. No main stream advertising to where we have to charge you a new mortgage for a pair of headphones, we are Gangster against normality. Gangster is here not only to build products but to educate, we believe in our life we must pass on the learning experiences from our past to others and help others succeed along the way, look for us in a town near you!